Questions to ask prospective teachers to find about their knowledge/use of social technologies:

How would you use technology to facilitate or improve learning in the classroom (if you had no budgetary limits)?
How do you use technology in your every day life?
Describe the last new technology you used. How did you use it and how did you learn it?
What makes YOU a great teacher using technology?
If we were to offer technology courses, what courses could you teach and which would you take?
What types of media do you use to stay current on contemporary educational research and ideas?
What will our students need to know and be able to do in order to flourish in the world of tomorrow?
Explain the ways you ensure your students are using technology in a safe and ethical manner?
As technology revolutionizes the world in which we live, should education change? If so how, if not why not?
What are some classroom techniques you would use to foster diversity and empathy for other cultures?
Explain what you think the phrase "Shift Happens" means in the context of schools and technologies?
Is an assignment ever done? If not, how can you use technology to enhance and embrace this concept?
Do you see yourself as a facilitator of learning?
Describe in detail a project based technology lesson that one of your students might create with your guidance?
Do you consider yourself to be a trailblazer? How so, and how would this affect the way you teach?
In what ways are you going to motivate students to embrace technology?
Do you have a MySpace account and do you allow students access? Why or why not?
How would you use blogging in your classroom?
If you could create the curriculum, what do you think students should know, understand and be able to do?
Discuss your own experiences with technology including social networking?
How could you connect these responses to create a teaching and learning environment?
What kind of support do you think teachers need in order to more fully utilize technology?
How do you approach your own needs to expand your learning?
When do you feel children should first be exposed to technology?
What is inquiry based learning and how does it impact your teaching?