The Future of Blogs

By Will Richardson


A little context:

The Change: The Read/Write Web
  • It's as easy to create and publish content as it is to consume it.
  • "The World is Flat"--by Thomas Friedman

Blog History
  • Blogs have been around for about 8 years, but really have become popular in the last six.
  • Est. 80-90 million blogs (Technorati)
  • 120,000 new blogs a day, 1.5 million posts a day

Blogs (and other tools) are Challenging our Traditional Structures

Blogs in education

The Pedagogies of Blogging
  • Blogging is not simply online journaling or diary writing
  • Blogs are powerful tools for building learning networks
    • Links connect ideas and conversations
  • Blogging is synthesis of ideas, analysis, and extended reflection
  • Blogging requires intellectual sweat
  • Teachable environment for reading and writing in digital contexts

My Blog

The Trends

The Questions:
  • How do we use blogs to deal with privacy and security concerns?
  • How do we use blogs to deal with intellectual property, plagiarism concerns?
  • How do we use blogs to tackle the literacies:
    • Reading, writing, editing
    • Collaboration
    • Network creation
    • Publishing
  • How do we use blogs to prepare our students for their futures?