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external image 20090218-dtn2rkk6yg5i5gar3nr3hc34rm.jpgTeaching with these technologies challenges the traditional definition of teaching. Our main role in the midst of these networked learning environments is as a connector for our students, not simply content expert.

As teachers we must teach and model for our students the ability to create, grow and navigate personal learning networks in safe, ethical and effective ways.

This is all about networks.

Our roles as teachers change in networks.

Teacher as Connector
Teacher as Collector
Teacher as Curator
Teacher as Co-learner
Teacher as Co-creator
Teacher as Communicator

Some examples of connective teachers:

Brian Crosby Teacher as innovator

Darren Kuropatwa Teacher as publisher

George Mayo Teacher as activist

Vicki Davis Teacher as connector

Clarence Fisher Teacher as networked learner

Jason Welker Teacher as co-creator

What do these teachers have in common?

They are networked learners.
They share their practice.
The connect their students globally.
They give students voice.
They create opportunities for real work for real purposes for their students.
They learn with their students.

This is a period of Fluid Learning.
  • Capture Everything
  • Share Everything
  • Open Everything
  • Only Connect

And we are entering a period of "ubiquitous learning."

What do you think these shifts mean for your own teaching and learning?

Take this teacher's Tweet: "In Gr.8 - using Google Earth, Flickr, YouTube, bbcnews, to learn about the protests in Burma .. world at their fingertips, AS IT HAPPENS!"

Now we have the opportunity to be connectors, to bring our classrooms to the world in a variety of ways. We can find other teachers who may know more than we do. (Secret Life of Bees)

Tools for Shifted Teaching:

Google Reader

What feels hard about shifted teaching?